February 14 Patent of the Day

On February 14, 1871, U.S. Patent No. 111,798 issued to Thomas Adams on an Improvement in Chewing-Gum. 20160214

Adams conceived the idea while working as a secretary to former Mexican leader Santa Anna, who chewed a natural gum called chicle.  After failing to turn it to a rubber suitable for tires, he made the chicle into a chewing gum called Chiclets.


February 11 Patent of the Day

On February 11, 1969, A.S. Hermann and Herbert “Zeppo” Marx — yes that “Zeppo” were issued U.S. Patent No.  3,426,727 on a Method and Watch Mechanism for Actuation by a Cardiac Pulse:


Who knew that Zeppo was the smartest of the Marx Brothers?  Or that he invented a Fit Bit, long before anyone else?